Basement Waterproofing

The foundation is the groundwork to any house or home! In other words, it is the support, the bedding of any structure or framework. One of the many benefits of a stolid foundation is the luxury of having a basement and the comfort of knowing it is amply protected against any water damage. Here in Quebec, all the foundations are constructed in concrete however this product is never guaranteed. Therefore it is very important to properly waterproof the foundation located in the ground to conserve its new state, its strength and to avoid seepage of water. Here are the different ways to ensure your foundation is waterproof:

Tarring is a simple and economic method to protect foundations. It is categorized as the minimum level of protection needed to meet the requirements of the Code du Bâtiment du Québec. It is a liuid coating composed of asphalt and solvent that is in general heated prior to application by pressure jet.

Elastomeric Membranes
For a longer lifespand and to maximize the protection of your foundation we will use one of the many different types of membranes available on the market. Applied by professionals, the risks for future water leaks are nearly impossible.
Here are two examples of the most commonly used types of elastomeric membranes.

  • Self-Adhesive or Welded
  • Liquid
Protection following the waterproofing of your foundation
After adequately waterproofing your foundation with one of the many techniques mentioned above, it is essential to protect the surface against any possible threats (stones, clay, roots, etc…) that is found in the ground, against dryness or frost. We have found two effective manners of protecting the tar or membrane:

  • Platon Foundation Wrap (or delta-ms)
  • Insolation