Crack Repair

Is your concrete foundation cracked or leaking? Most homeowners have encountered the frustrating problem of cracks in their foundation walls as well as the resulting stubborn water leaks that eventually find their way into your basement. Unfortunately, many foundation crack repair techniques deal solely with covering the cracks with hydraulic cement, epoxy or sealer. When moisture eventually loosens the water soluble ingredients and expansion and contraction takes place, these quick fix solutions usually fail. We know that cracks will continue to move as warmer and colder weather causes continuous expansion and contraction of the structure.
There are two main kinds of foundation repair that we use; Polyurethane and Epoxy injection. Without getting to confounding here are the basic principles we follow.

Polyurethane Injection:

  • Flexible and allows for natural movement of the concrete due to thermal shrinkage and expansion.
  • Can be used to repair wet or even leaking cracks, it repels water. .
  • Polyurethane crack injection expands over 20 times its volume.

Epoxy Injection:
  • Epoxy crack injection provides structural strength.
  • Strength and bond with concrete greatly exceed the strength of the concrete itself..
  • Only to dry surfaces, making the repair of a leaking or wet cracks impossible
  • No expansion - a 1/4-inch crack needs four times more epoxy than a 1/16-inch crack.
  • Epoxy Crack Filler provides the strongest repair, which will withstand traffic.

AURA Maison has specialized in the repair and reconstruction of foundation cracks for 3 decades. We know that in attempting to waterproof your basement the first priority is to properly repair your foundation. Just give us a call and our team of repair specialists will work with you to find the best and most cost effective method to achieve a successful, long lasting foundation repair.